Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catching Up

It has been over nine months since the last post was published on Thumbstruck! As my excuse, here's a quick update on what I've accomplished in nine months:

  • Completed 14 more games, including Rayman Origins, Pushmo, and The Walking Dead (all highly recommended). This brings my grand total to 42 games completed since I started tracking them (September 2010).
  • I proposed to the woman of my dreams, and against all odds, she said yes. We our planning our wedding and getting married later this year.
  • I helped launch a lot of new stuff at work. If you own a Windows 8 computer/tablet, there's a decent chance there's a game on your computer with my name in the credits. Hooray!
  • I helped run a game with Arkadium at the Come Out and Play festival on Governor's Island. The game is called Super Secret Spies, and despite the sneakiness, there are tons of photos online.
  • I attended Practice, a game design conference hosted by NYU Game Center, and heard talks from some truly remarkable people. No single event has reinvigorated my resolve to create great games more than this conference. If you're interested in hearing about any of the talks, let me know!
  • Got my first smartphone! I am now the proud owner of a Nexus 4 running the latest version of Android, which also means I have new free-to-play games to try out. My commute is Triple Town, and Triple Town is my commute.
  • I returned to TCNJ for the Global Game Jam 2013. With my good friends (and dream team) Bryan Mayer, Ryan Epp, Chris Hallberg, and Nicole Pieri, I built _scope, a psychadelic game of Set-meets-Spirographs, with just a hint of childbirth. For real.
  • My writing has appeared around the net a bit recently, including this opinion piece on iMedia Connection about the then-new Facebook App Center.
  • I wrote a  feature story on Gamasutra covering five tips for better playtesting. This was recently re-published in the March issue of Game Developer Magazine, which was distributed to subscribers and at GDC. Let me know what you think!
And that's it! If you're interested in chatting about some months-old news, I'm happy to take a trip down memory lane. Leave a comment!

(Thanks to Vinny for pushing me to start writing again.)


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